Organic Agricultural Program
(Very limited work available)

All of the local inhabitants of this crater live in poverty and depend on the land for food and income.  Their cultivating methods have been developed by past generations and produce chemical-free food.  It is necessary to raise their income level though programs that utilize their strengths to add value to their products.


School Program
(Temporarily closed due to low enrollment)

The little school has 16 children from 7 to 12 yrs old that are taught in a single room grouped by grades.  The teacher goes from group to group attending the learning needs.  This is a very rewarding opportunity for those inclined to help in the overall development of these children.


ATTENTION VOLUNTEERS:  We need lots of help to get new projects off the ground.  Be a volunteer with us! the cost is $ 8 per day for food and lodging; other services or tourist activities would be at half price.  We have some interesting areas where you can be a volunteer and practice your Spanish.  Recreational activities such as horseback riding trips, the use of the bicycles, the use of the Jacuzzi have a discount of 50% after the first four days of work.  The volunteers that live in our hostal need to work 8 hours per day and can have a free day every four days of work. This is a list of the typical volunteer jobs available:

Please send us your resume to  We may take a couple of days to get back to you since there is no internet connection inside the crater.


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