Tapichalaca Reserve

This is the historical place where the new (Jocotoco Antpitta - Gralaria ridgelyi) was discovered on the 20th of November in 1997 by Robert Ridgely during a trip to record vocalizations of Ecuadorian birds.  The farmers near Quebrada Honda knew that something lurked in their forest and called it Jocotoco.  The hoot-sound also had a bark-like similitude but no one had ever seen it until Robert S. Ridgelyi recorded it and called it back.  To his surprise this amazing bird came out of the thick cloud forest to answer and reveal itself as a new species to the master of South American species.  The enthusiasm for this finding was so large that it set in motion many efforts for conservation.  The fruit of this enthusiasm ripened with the creation of the Jocotoco foundation in 1998.  The sole purpose of this foundation is protecting the habitat of threaten birds in the Andes of Ecuador. 

Tapichalaca welcomes you with a beautiful lodge called Casa Simpson in honor of the contributions made by Dr. Nigel Simpson (ornithologist) to the conservation project in Quebrada Honda.  There are many well maintained and marked trails around the private reserve of 5000 hectares from an altitude of 1800 to 3100 meters.  The reserve is adjacent to the Podocarpus National Park adding to the biodiversity of this place.  Recently a new tree frog, Hyla tapichalaca, was also discovered inside the reserve.

This reserve is an is a VERY Important Bird Area since it gave a new bird to our Biodiversity (Birdlife IBA Factsheet EC088 - Reserva Tapichalaca).

For more information visit : http://fjocotoco.org/tapichala.htm

Tapichalaca Bird List: Bird List Tapichalaca.xls


Tapichalaca Reserve

Entrance to Casa Simpson

Jocotoco Antpitta  Grallaria ridgelyi

Grallaria ridgelyi

Golden-plumed Parakeet_Leptosittaca branickii

Leptosittaca branickii

Jocotoco Antpitta  Grallaria ridgelyi

Jocotoco Antpitta  Grallaria ridgelyi

Golden-plumed Parakeet
 Leptosittaca branickii

Golden-plumed Parakeet
 Leptosittaca branickii

White-throated Quail-Dove_Geotrygon frenata

Black-capped Hemispingus_Hemispingus atropileus

Citrine Warbler_Basileuterus luteoviridis

Black-throated Tody-Tyrant_Hemitriccus granadensis

White-throated Quail-Dove
Geotrygon frenata

Black-capped Hemispingus Hemispingus atropileus

Citrine Warbler Basileuterus luteoviridis

Black-throated Tody-Tyrant Hemitriccus granadensis





Amethyst-throated Sunangel_Heliangelus amethysticollis

White-bellied Woodstar

Collared Inca

Chestnut-breasted Coronet

Amethyst-throated Sunangel
Heliangelus amethysticollis

White-bellied Woodstar

Collared Inca

Chestnut-breasted Coronet

Gray-hooded Bush-tanager  Cnemoscopus rubrirostris

Lacrimose Mountain Tanager _Anisognathus lacrymosus

Hooded Mountain Tanager

Streaked Tuftedcheek

Gray-hooded Bush-tanager
Cnemoscopus rubrirostris

Lacrimose Mountain Tanager
Anisognathus lacrymosus

Hooded Mountain Tanager

Streaked Tuftedcheek

Pearled Treerunner_Margaronis stellatus

Mountain Wren_Troglodytes solstitialis

Plain-tailed Wren_Thryothorus nigricapillus

Rufous Wren_Cinnycerthia unirufa

Pearled Treerunner Margaronis stellatus

Mountain Wren Troglodytes solstitialis

Plain-tailed Wren Thryothorus nigricapillus

Rufous Wren Cinnycerthia unirufa

Slaty Finch_Haplospiza rustica

Varegated Bristle-Tyrant_Pogonotriccus poecilotis

White-banded Tytanulet_Mecocerculus stictopterus

Russet-crowned Warbler_Basiluterus coronatus

Slaty Finch
Haplospiza rustica

Varegated Bristle-Tyrant Pogonotriccus poecilotis

White-banded Tytanulet
Mecocerculus stictopterus

Russet-crowned Warbler
Basiluterus coronatus


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