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Welcome to the only ecological resort using renewable energy  inside a 2500 year old caldera (crater of an extinct volcano).  It is a quiet and mystical place near Quito where you can find many things to do, including a visit to La Mitad del Mundo which is only 3 km away.  Come here to relax and explore the many trails for Bird watching hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking.  We will make every effort to give you a pleasant stay.

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The caldera is part of a Geobotanical Reserve with multiple micro climates that create a rich biological environment.  There are many types of wild flowers, orchids, birds, butterflies, reptiles,  amphibians, and farm animals that live here.



Horseback Riding is the favorite activity for our clients.  Our horses are friendly, well behaved, well fed, and strong.  You will be very satisfied with our new riding equipment and the crater’s awesome trails.  We offer a variety of tours from just a short ride to multiple day tours.  All of our tours are catered to the ability of each rider.  The beginner rider or the most experienced rider is sure to enjoy an unforgettable tour.



We consider Bird watching tours the path to promote the conservation of our forest and therefore a viable means of reaching our goals of sustainable ecotourism.  We can cater the birding experience to suit your needs.  We have some excellent places in Pululahua where you can see birds like the Rusty-breasted Antpitta, Ocellated Tapaculo, Undulated Antpitta, Burrowing Owl, and Green-tailed Trainbearer.  We  organize birding tours to many key birding places in Ecuador such as the Northwest where we visit Yanacocha, Mindo, Bellavista Cloud Forest, Maquipucuna, Milpe, Silanche.  On the east side we visit Antisana, Papallacta, Guango, Cabañas San Isidro, Guacamayo and WildSumaco.  On the South we visit the Cordillera del Condor, Podocarpus National Park, Tapichalaca Reserve, Cabañas Copalinga, El Cajas National Park.  On the Southwest we visit Rio Palenque, Ayampe, Machalilla National Park, Isla de la Plata, Isla Corazon La Segua Marsh,  and the Mangroves of Cojimies.  In the Galapagos Islands we visit San Cristobal, Santa Cruz, and Isabela.  We can also focus our tours on Biodiversity Birding Hotspots such as the Chocó-Tumbesian Region and the Tropical Andes Region, so contact us for any special request you may have.  If altitude is what you want then go to Antisana with us for the day where you can see the Black-faced Ibis, Andean Condor, Ecuadorian Hillstar, and many others.



We can provide you transport and Day Tours to/from our Ecolodge to/from Quito, Mitad del Mundo,  Mindo, Papallacta, and Otavalo. We also offer you a day-tours to these popular places.



Mountain biking is also a very popular activity inside the crater.  We offer you new equipment and fun trails.  The trails are inside the reserve and are sure to provide something exciting for every level of experience. 



Relax and watch your budget, we have lodging to suit your style from private cabañas to rooms with shared bathroom.   Complete your day of adventure and fun by relaxing in the Jacuzzi surrounded by this enchanting environment hidden from civilization.



We also have a small meeting room for up to 30 people if you what to meet with your colleagues



Join us for a healthy meal in our organic restaurant.  Our ingredients are produced on the organic farm.  We plant tomatoes, alfalfa, beets, lettuce, carrots, cabbage and those vegetables that are native to this area.  We also raise chickens, pigs, and guinea-pigs.  Our chickens produce fresh eggs daily.



We are constantly looking for ways to educate the locals and the tourist on the importance of protecting this unique place. We believe in protecting the environment and have applied many systems and practices for Sustainable Ecological Tourism.



For those interested in volunteering in the Pululahua Geobotanical Reserve, there is an agricultural program and a small community school that is temporarily closed.



If you are interested in healthy living inside our Geobotanical Reserve please visit our new For Sale Listings


Many thanks to our sponsor the Pululahua Hostal for helping us build and manage this web site so we can reach more people interested in saving the forest through our eco-tourism program.

Check out these great partners for affordable birding programs that support the Ecuadorian people and businesses through the Bird Watching for Conservation Association.

Laguna Paikawe - A tiniy Amazonian lake with big birds that are loved by Pedro.

Mashpi-Amagusa Reserve.- The site with the highest Choco Endemic birds in Ecuador:  Indigo Flowerpiercer, Moss-backed Tanager, Rose-faced Parrot, Choco Vireo and many more.

23 de Junio.-  Stay at 23 de Junio for fantastic views of the Long-wattled Umbrellabird and help conservation.

Pacto Sumaco.-  Best birding option to visit the Sumaco Biosphere National Park and help the local community of Pacto Sumaco.

Isla Corazon - Community owned birdwatching and mangrove tours. A fantastic place to see mangrove and estuary birds and also help the community of Puerto Portovelo.

Pululahua Hostal - Ecuador Birding Tours that conserve the forest and money.

Refugio Paz de las Aves -  A successful birds for conservation project and get close to the anpittas with Angel.

Gareno Lodge - Visit the Rufous Potoo up close and help the conservation of the Huaorani forest.

Cueva de los Tayos.-  See and photograph the Oilbirds close to Mindo.

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